Fresh Liking: Tsumori Chisato


Recently, I have taken a liking to a Japanese fashion designer, Tsumori Chisato.

She’s been around for slightly more than 20 years thus far, and her name is pretty well-known in the fashion line. I’ve noticed her name before but never really took a good look at her productions.

I first spotted this name when I was shopping one day. Apparently, she has a retail outlet here in Singapore, at The Forum, which is a rather quiet spot on bustling Orchard Road. I wonder why she didn’t choose ION or Paragon for her store location. On second thoughts, maybe her label has budget constraints or it’s her way of expressing her uniqueness.

She is, afterall, an individualistic designer who doesn’t follow trends. A remarkable woman who celebrates imaginative and out-of-the-box variety, as observed from her eclectic choice of textiles and little casual, artistic details to offset the serious undertones of the silhouettes — and the blends are always refreshing. An amazing feat to be able to juxtapose pop colours with appropriately placed perks to create edgy, but not too power-padded apparel. What’s more is that she never loses touch with her playful creativity all these years!

By the way, her online store is now open — take a look!

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An Autumn in 2011

Miss Moss

Fall’s not just about predominantly dark earthy tones.


How I wish Singapore had four seasons. Or rather, I want to migrate somewhere with four seasons so that I can play with daffodils in Spring, drink Coconut juice on the beach in Summer, kiss falling Maple leaves in Autumn and lie in the snow in Winter!


Random Gems

Stop It Right Now
Aww, her scarf (Isabel Marant) is so pretty! Anyway, this blog post leads me into thinking about things that happened before. It’s about slim chances that I chose to ignore because chances of getting what I want were, well, slim. Maybe if I’d persevered, I would have that 1%.

Featuring: Vintage army parka, Isabel Marant scarf, H&M dress, Acne boots

All of which I absolutely adore.

(I found so many other precious fashionable styles!)