Random Gems

Stop It Right Now
Aww, her scarf (Isabel Marant) is so pretty! Anyway, this blog post leads me into thinking about things that happened before. It’s about slim chances that I chose to ignore because chances of getting what I want were, well, slim. Maybe if I’d persevered, I would have that 1%.

Featuring: Vintage army parka, Isabel Marant scarf, H&M dress, Acne boots

All of which I absolutely adore.

(I found so many other precious fashionable styles!)

Fashion Toast
I find Rumi Neely extremely attractive. She looks beautiful! (My new girl crush)

Fashion Toast
Mad love her heels ♥
…and her long, slender, sexy legs.

Featuring: Zara tshirt, Maje leather skirt, Céline sunglasses and wedges, Michael Kors Men’s Oversized Watch, Givenchy Nightingale bag

Fashion Toast

Because I’m addicted
ZARA October
Need I say more?
I personally think and feel that guys in business suits are the hottest men alive. Smoking through every pore on their sizzling bodies, radiating charm in every possible direction. Of course there are always exceptions but let’s just keep things simple.

Perfect Bound
Wedding shots are also another fave of mine recently. (I packed all my books in the boxes for the movers so I can’t study now.)(Excuses.) I’ve always wanted my wedding to take place somewhere outdoors, in a peaceful, quiet countryside, away from the buzz of metropolitan cities. I mean, this is where I was born, grew up and currently living in. I spent my whole life in a fast-paced cityscape, I wonder how it feels like to temporarily retreat into the chirpiness of the country.

Perfect Bound
Another nice photo featuring a white short wedding dress and RED shoes. Ah, not very common to see short wedding dresses in Singapore, but that’s not taken in Singapore so maybe… we still need time.


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