Cher L.

NOTE: None of the photos on this blog belongs to me, unless otherwise stated.

(cr: Coco + Kelley)

Interests: Art, Design, Fashion, Food, Photography, Travel, Typography and Watercolor

Addictions: The Internet, Fashion Blogs, Laughing, Music, Procrastination, Social Media, Staying Up Late For No Apparent Reasons and Talking with Myself

(cr: Clarisse Demory)

I resemble an owl, or a lion… whatever, I’m just slightly nocturnal, but this lasts for only a few days a month. Like a woman’s period. (silence) (cue childish giggles)

Fashion blogs are my main source of  inspiration and enjoyment. I derive happiness from blogs and online forums because (my) real life is too tragically poignant to face 24/7, don’t you agree? (Read my Thoughts, link is below.) I need an outlet to release my anger, “WHY SO CRUEL, WORLD!? WHY YOU NO BRING ME SIMPLE RL ENTERTAINMENT DAILY LIKE THE INTERNET DOES!?” That’s what happens when I snap once in a while. Ah, this is when this blog comes handy — stress relief. Anything for suppressing Depression from imploding, because medical fees are astronomical in Singapore.

We Love The Internet. Don’t we? (: It has pretty much (almost) every damned thing you’d ask for. So, why not put on your geek specs, put down your pen and paper, put up with the nonsense from outside the door or window and put in your earphones? Say with me, “I am a free person.”

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C’mon, there’s nothing to be shy about. (:


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